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TRUE Solids Handling Pumps for Tough Jobs!


The WSP Self-Primer is a Rugged & Dependable

Self-Priming, Solids Handling, Trash Pump



6" / 150 mmHead to: 109 ft. / 33 MFlow to: 1,480 GPM / 335 Mウ/hrSolids size: 3 inch / 75 mm  Advantages of the WSP Self-Primer - SST 17-4PH Shaft- Cast Steel Impeller- Ductile Iron Casing- Ductile Iron Bearing- Ductile Iron Cover Plate- Ductile Iron Fill Port Cover- No tools required for impeller adjustment- Shimless impeller clearance adjustment- Passes stated solids- Higher actual efficiency- Solid Silicone Carbide Seal Faces- More rugged & dependable- Better value- Lower Life Cycle Cost- Longer Warranty- Enhanced Safety Features- Higher Operating Pressure- Directly Interchangeable- Pumps & Parts  Applications for the WSP Self-Primer - Sewage- Animal Waste- Industrial Waste- Dewatering- Mining- Winery- Automotive- Beef / Pork / Poultry Processing- Pulp & Paper- Other Industrial Applications Pump & Parts directly interchangeable with GRESCO©, Pioneer©, and Gorman-Rupp© 


WSP6A - Full Pump Curve

WSP6A - Spec Sheet



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